Chris and Kelly’s engagement session


Engagement photos at the Horseshoe

Like I told you in my last post, I’m not good at January.  It’s funny to me.  I work like a crazy person during warm months then an even crazier person leading up to the holidays.  Every year, I get excited about January because I’ll get to relax and do what I want to and blah blah blah.  Then, January comes and I’m moping round the house because I want to be out working.  I’m ridiculous.  Good thing people like me even with all my quirks.

So this year, I’m opting to do something I’ve never done before.  In the busy months, I don’t get the opportunity to share ALL my pictures I’m taking.  I want to.  I really do but when I get busy, blogging goes to the bottom of the list.  And please don’t think that I blog my favorites only.  That’s really not the case.  It’s all about time.  If I’ve got it after editing the photos, they go on the blog.  My priority is always getting people’s pictures to them asap.  So…  Let’s share some photos, shall we?

First up…  Kelly and Chris!!

Kelly was the AWESOME maid of honor and Megan and Jake’s wedding back in September.  Let me tell you.  This chick is cool!  She was really there for Megan.  A few things didn’t go as smoothly as a bride would hope and Kelly was right in there…  taking care of business and taking it off the bride’s shoulders.  On top of that, she gave a great speech!!  So, I was pretty excited to get the chance to be her photographer!!  Being a die hard Buckeye, we started and ended at the Shoe.


Ohio State engagement session

engagement-photos-Ohio-State002 How about this? !!  I want to play with those ears!!


engagement photos with our dog


Mirror Lake engagement pictures


Ohio State engagement session

Y’all better save the date!  engagement-photos-Ohio-State006 Even with no leaves, it’s beautiful at Mirror Lake.  Don’t you think?


Ohio State Engagement Session


Ohio State Engagement Session


Engagement Ring!

I CANNOT wait for August!  We are going to have SO much fun!!!

Hard to say

I know you know what I mean.  It’s so hard to say.  You know you should say it but you really don’t want to.  You stubbornly deny until…  you just can’t deny it any more.  You have to face reality.  And you say it.  You turn to your husband and you say it…

You’re right.


So here I am…  In front of all the interwebs saying it.  “Andy Keidel, you are RIGHT.”

“What is he right about?”, you ask.  He’s right about me.  He knows me.  After 17 years together and 16 years in business, he knows me.  Doesn’t he know that a girl likes to think she can still keep her man guessing?  Apparently not.  He knows.

You see.  It’s January, otherwise known as my down-time, the time of year I get to be a “normal” person with a social life.  I get to go watch my kids play sports. My day to day life isn’t consumed with scheduling sessions because Brrrr…  It’s January in OHIO!  I’m not under any crushing holiday deadlines.  I’m not juggling my whole business on the head of a pin.  It’s quiet.  It’s relaxed.  I have a few things, a few manageable things on my to do list.  I putter around my house, fixing and cleaning.  And you know what?

I’m not good at January.  I get a little depressed and a little stir-crazy this time of year.  And when I whine to my husband, he says…  “You’re better when you’re doing.”

He knows me and he’s right.  I’m better when I’m doing.

Hope you’re doing something today that fills your heart and makes you smile.


Kara’s senior pictures

You know the beautiful thing about being in business for 15 years…  Getting to know someone and watching them grow.  In this case, I’ve watched her grow up.  We met when she was in preschool.  She just wouldn’t smile for me.  She wasn’t rude.  She wasn’t ornery.  She just didn’t want to smile.  I offered to try again when mom picked her up.  Mom and I tried again.  She just wasn’t interested in smiling…   until I bribed her with chewing gum.  Then…  all smiles.  Little did I know that one little piece of chewing gum would be the beginning of a beautiful relationship.  I photograph their family every year and this year, it was time for senior photos.  SO excited!

senior-pictures-upper-arlington001 senior-pictures-upper-arlington002 senior-pictures-upper-arlington003 senior-pictures-upper-arlington004 senior-pictures-upper-arlington005 senior-pictures-upper-arlington006 senior-pictures-upper-arlington007 senior-pictures-upper-arlington008 senior-pictures-upper-arlington009 senior-pictures-upper-arlington010 senior-pictures-upper-arlington011 senior-pictures-upper-arlington012 senior-pictures-upper-arlington013 senior-pictures-upper-arlington014 senior-pictures-upper-arlington015 senior-pictures-upper-arlington016 senior-pictures-upper-arlington017 senior-pictures-upper-arlington018 senior-pictures-upper-arlington019

Seriously…  She’s gorgeous!  And not only that…  she’s a sweetheart too.  So grateful for that day in preschool and a pack of gum.  Love ya Kara!


Erin, Pat & Reaghan

You know…  when you have friends that are so much more than friends?  They’re like family.  That’s these guys.

I’ve known Pat for years.  Then, he sweetened the deal by adding Erin to the mix.    She’s definitely the icing on the cake.  And Reaghan???  Um…  Cutest little nugget!!!  Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park001 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park002 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park003 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park004 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park005 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park006 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park007 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park008 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park009 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park010 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park011 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park012 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park013 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park014 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park015 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park016 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park017 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park018 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park019 Family-Photos-Highbanks-Park020

Happy Fall!!  Love you all!!

Kim and Sean

I think you know that I take my job personally.  I put my heart into it.  How could I not?  I am humbled by the chance to document people’s memories.  It’s always important and personal to me.  Yet, sometimes, it’s more personal.  This wedding was one of those times.  I’ve known Kim for years.  I can’t exactly remember when we met.  Maybe it was at Hanby middle school or maybe it was at Blendon Junior High.  (Honestly, my childhood memories are a smidge fuzzy.  I’ve lived a bit since then.)  Anyway…  Kim and I, we go back.  Like most…  we went through high school and went our way in life.  We reunited at, of all obvious things, a class reunion.  Thanks to facebook, we stayed in touch.

A few years ago, I photographed her son’s senior photos.  Then, on facebook, I started to see a hint that maybe she had found someone.  Sure enough…  One day a proposal photo popped up in my feed.  SO exciting!  Thankfully, she asked me to be a part of her day.

Kim works for Westerville’s parks and recreation department.  Her office is in the Everal Barn.  Most people don’t want to get married where they work but Kim would be an exceptional exception.  For her, it was the absolute perfect location.  I think she chose well.

Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn001 Look at that smile.  THAT is what an in an inappropriate joke will get ya!

Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn002 GORGEOUS!Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn003 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn004 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn005 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn006 That’s Michelle…  Kim’s maid of honor, best friend and an awesome woman.  Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn007 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn008 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn009 Yet another awesome high school friend, Tracey, and her two fabulous daughters.Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn010 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn011 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn012 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn013 SEAN!!!  Our handsome groom…Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn014 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn015 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn016 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn017 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn018 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn019 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn020 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn021 Tracey sang during the service.  I am so envious of her ability to do that.  It’s pretty special to sing at your friend’s wedding.Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn022 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn023 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn024 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn025 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn026 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn027 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn028 Hot….Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn029 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn030 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn031 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn032 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn033 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn034 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn035 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn036 Now…  It’s time to have a party!!!Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn037
Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn039 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn042 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn043 Her first dance images were so sweet…  Yet more examples as to why I love the first dance.Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn044 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn045 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn046 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn047 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn048 Great night.  Right?!  Yep…  But it’s not over.

Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn049 We went to the Old Bag of Nails or some libations and a live band!Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn051 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn052 Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn053 So…  the band is The Debits.  And…  they were AWESOME!!  I HIGHLY recommend them!  Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn054 Look at her.  This giggly face hasn’t changed much since school.  Love her! Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn055 More high school pals.  I think this wedding could be called “Reunion…  Light”.Wedding-photos-Everal-Barn056


It was a fun night!  So glad I got to be there and capture some fun stuff as well as see some old friends.  Congratulations Kim and Sean!!!

Megan and Jake’s wedding

Fall…  sigh….

I LOVE fall.  Boots and sweaters, hot cocoa and pumpkin bread, cooler weather and leaves alive with color.  Sigh…  And a fall wedding?  LOVE it!  It makes my little photo heart happy!

We started at the Renaissance downtown.



Wedding-pictures-Columbus003 Wedding-pictures-Columbus004

Wedding-pictures-Columbus006 Wedding-pictures-Columbus005

Loved this group of girls!  SO much fun!


Wedding-pictures-Columbus008 Wedding-pictures-Columbus009 Wedding-pictures-Columbus010
Jake met us at Arch Park for the “official” first look.


A tear may have been shed.  I won’t tell if it was Jake or me.

Wedding-pictures-Columbus014It never ceases to amaze me how much calmer couples are after seeing each other.

Wedding-pictures-Columbus015 Wedding-pictures-Columbus016 Wedding-pictures-Columbus017 Wedding-pictures-Columbus018

I am a bit obsessed with this photo.


Wedding-pictures-Columbus020 Wedding-pictures-Columbus021 Wedding-pictures-Columbus022 Wedding-pictures-Columbus023 Wedding-pictures-Columbus024

The whole awesome gang!!


After some fun time with the gang, we headed up North to Worthington, St. Michael’s parish.  It’s such a beautiful church!

Wedding-pictures-Columbus026 Wedding-pictures-Columbus027 Wedding-pictures-Columbus028 Wedding-pictures-Columbus029 Wedding-pictures-Columbus030 Wedding-pictures-Columbus031

After the ceremony, we were off to The Athenaeum.  Fun times were about to be had…

Wedding-pictures-Columbus037 Wedding-pictures-Columbus038 Wedding-pictures-Columbus039 Wedding-pictures-Columbus040
Wedding-pictures-Columbus042 Wedding-pictures-Columbus043Wedding-pictures-Columbus044 Wedding-pictures-Columbus045 Wedding-pictures-Columbus046 Wedding-pictures-Columbus048 Wedding-pictures-Columbus049 Wedding-pictures-Columbus050


So grateful I got to be there on this special day!!

The Lamb family

It was one of those times…  Their first choice photographer was already booked.  The put the call out on facebook for an alternative and one of my wonderful client/friends spoke up.  I got the call.  And I’m so glad I did because it was a great session!

Family-Pictures-Columbus-Ohio002 Family-Pictures-Columbus-Ohio003 Family-Pictures-Columbus-Ohio005 Family-Pictures-Columbus-Ohio007 Family-Pictures-Columbus-Ohio008 Family-Pictures-Columbus-Ohio010 Family-Pictures-Columbus-Ohio011 Family-Pictures-Columbus-Ohio012

Andy, Melanie and Asher’s family photos

Want to know one of the best things about my job?  I get to meet awesome people when they get married and then…  later on they come back with awesome little people in tow.  And Asher is an AWESOME little guy.  He’s got personality PLUS!




This face!!  Adorable!





He’s adorable and he’s a nature lover.  :)


He and I were playing around while his parents changed clothes.  Remember when you were a kid and you’d spin till you got dizzy?  He did and here’s the result.  I know it’s not for everyone but there’s something about it I really love.


So happy to see Andy and Melanie again!  And had a blast playing with Archer!!